Sweden Team Championship - 18 – 19 May 2019, Örebro
  • 2019-04-29:

    Anmälda lag
    imp, adhansa och smokey är Supernova Spectacular
    Badpublicity, Pete och Topper är The Fucking Åmålers!
    Coma, Dragons och Lard är The Cutlery Crew
    Broccooli, Drexxl och Spoiledsquid är Urkelljunga
    Pellevin, Duckwing, Lockmund är Småkronorna
    Bim, Mumin & Ozt är Inspiration Saknas!
    Skuld, Inforthepain, Skoberget är Bärsande Bashers
    Grumplekins, Mikethemachine och Razta är Nåt skittufft och skräckinjagande

    Intresserade lag:
    * MrMwenda, ??? och Havaji är "Rannanjärvi lever"

    Ursprungligt meddelande:

    Jag och @Kaju hade ett planeringsmöte igår och satte så reglerna för lagturneringen Sweden Team Championship. Här nedan kommer de. De är satta till 95%, vissa små detaljer kan förändras, typ det kan tillkomma priser eller bli mindre förändringar/förtydliganden om hur saker är tänkt att fungera. Dessa regler är inspirerade av Stockbowl Team cup 2 och Världskuppen i Dornbrin 2019. Är något otydligt så ställ gärna en fråga. Sprid även gärna dessa regler så det kommer många lag till Örebro i Maj.


    Sweden Team Championship 2019

    This is a tournament to find and crown the greatest squad of blood bowl coaches in Sweden (but your squad doesn´t have to be from Sweden to participate).
    Sweden Team Championship 2019 will be an NAF-sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament.
    Each attending coach should carefully read through the whole of this rule package before attending the tournament. If anything in the rule package is unclear, please ask for clarifications so we can make the rules as clear as possible for all participants.


    Squad tournament
    All competitors in Sweden Team Championship 2019 are squads of 3 Blood bowl coaches. Each squad of 3 coaches are from here on referred to as a “squad”, while the word “team” is referring to the individual coach own blood bowl team. Each coach must have a Blood Bowl team of a different team type/race than any other coach in their squad.

    18 – 19 May 2019

    Gumaelius skolan
    Karlslundsgatan 32, Örebro

    600 SEK per squad. (200 SEK per individual coach)
    You will need to be a NAF-member to participate. It is possible to become an NAF-member at Sweden Team Championship if you aren’t.

    Register as a Squad
    A member of the squad (the captain) mails the following information before 27 April 2019 to: kayuepoon@gmail.com
    • Squad name
    • a Swedish town/village the team represent or hails from. (It is important for the first-round draw, see below)

    For all coaches in the squad the captain needs to include the following information
    • Name
    • Naf-name and number (if the coach is a Naf member)
    • Team name and type
    • Team roster written in this form
    • Telephone number
    • Mail address

    Register as an individual coach
    If you are an individual coach who don’t have a squad to play in you can register individually and we will try to arrange all individual coaches into squads after a first come, first served policy. We can’t guarantee that you will be able to play if you register as an individual coach as you will have to become part of a squad to participate.
    Mail kayuepoon@gmail.com the following information before 27 April 2019:

    • Your name
    • Naf-Name and number (if you are a Naf member)
    • Preferred team race/type with team roster written in this form
    (as all members of your squad will have to play different races so if you register as an individual coach, please have some flexibility regarding the race you wish to play).
    • Telephone number

    TBA, but preliminary (may change):
    Saturday: registration and Pretournament information from 08.30. Match 1 starts 9.00. 4 matches during the day with one longer break
    Sunday: start 09.00 2 matches during the day.

    What to bring
    • Models for your team
    • Printed roster in this form
    • Standard d6, d8 and block dice
    • Passing template
    • Chess clock or similar timing device

    Our sponsors


  • Rules

    Each participant of Sweden Team Championship 2019 is a squad of 3 coaches. Each coach in a squad must field a Blood Bowl team of a different race than any other coach in their squad.

    The tournament follow the rules for blood bowl 2016. For what rules that are included in blood bowl 2016 we follow the latest NAF-rules comitte ruling, that can be found here: https://www.thenaf.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Rules-for-NAF-Tournaments-2019.pdf.

    Roster creation
    The Rules for team creation will be the same as the rules for the World Cup in Dornbirn, specific the rules under the headings 2 Division of races (Tiers) and 3 Team Creation. The different days in that ruleset are represented in different matches at Sweden Team Championship 2019 according to the following table:

    Match 1 and 2 = play with the rules for day 1
    Match 3 and 4 = play with the rules for day 2
    Match 5 and 6 = play with the rules for day 3

    Link to the whole rules for the World Cup in Dornbirn: http://www.nafworldcup.sbbm-turniere.com/EN/WC4Rules.html
    The following section is copied from the rules for the World Cup in Dornbirn and are the rules that Sweden Team Championship 2019 will use for team creation. References to the world cup has been removed from the copied text to avoid confusion.

    In order to reduce the unbalancing between the different races the races is divided into four tiers.
    Tier 1: Amazons, Bretonnians, Chaos Dwarves, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Orcs, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elves
    Tier 2: Chaos Renegades, Elf Union, High Elves, Humans, Khemri, Necromantic
    Tier 3: Daemons of Khorne, Chaos, Nurgle’s Rotters, Slann, Underworld Denizens, Vampires
    Tier 4: Goblins, Halflings, Ogres
    Teams will be built and will gain improvements (additional skills or stat upgrades) according to their placement in the tier system above. The composition of all teams and all improvements to be taken must be submitted before the tournament.

    Team Building
    Coaches must spend a minimum of 1,100,000 gold pieces when building their team. When building your team, you may buy:
    • At least 11 standard roster players before any star player
    • 0-8 Re-Rolls
    • Assistant coaches
    • Cheerleaders
    • 0-1 Apothecary or Igor, depending on race
    • 0-9 Fan Factor
    • Inducements. The cost will be as following and will count for all 9 games:
    o 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs for each 50 kgp
    o 0-3 Bribes for each 100 kgp, for Goblins only for each 50 kgp
    o 0-1 Masterchef for 300 kgp, for Halflings only 100 kgp
    o 0-2 NAF-approved star players for their regular cost

    Wizards, (in)famous coaching staff and/or Special Play Cards are explicitly not allowed

    Additional Cash
    Each team receives additional funding based on their tier. Starting cash can be used for team building (as above) or used to buy skills or a mixture of both. Cash for days 2 and 3 can only be spent on skills in advance of those days.

    ...Tier.....Starting Cash............Day 2...............Day 3
    ...............(gold pieces)...(before game 3)...(before game 5)

    • A ‘normal’ skill costs 20 kgp
    • A ‘double’ skill costs 30 kgp
    o Tiers 1-3 are limited to one double skill during the tournament
    o Tier 4 may have more than one double skill
    • Your roster can have one player that has two additional skills. Both skills must be normal skills and the second skill has a cost of 30,000 gold pieces. These skills can be added at different times in the event.
    • Tier 4 may buy a single stat upgrade. This cannot be combined with any other additional skill.
    o + MA / AV costs 40,000 gold pieces,
    o + AG 50,000 gold pieces and
    o + ST 60,000 gold pieces.
    • Star players may not receive additional skills or stat upgrades
    • The Skill "Piling On" will be used according to CRP, i.e. no Re-Rolls are required

    All gold left unspent each day is lost, and does not carry over to subsequent days. If you choose to not spend all of your gold, the organizing committee thanks you for your contribution to our bar tab!
    (End of copy from the ruleset for the World Cup in Dornbirn)

    Filling in your roster
    We insist that you use the roster in the following link when you fill in your team: http://www.nafworldcup.sbbm-turniere.com/Downloads/WC4-Coach-Roster.xlsx . It will correct your roster so it obliges with the world cup ruleset, but you still have to check so your roster is correct and follow the rules for team building above.

    Team development
    All games are played without post-match procedures and thus without winnings, player purchases etc. All injuries and earned star player points are waived after each game. So, each game starts with the same players on the roster.

    Tournament format
    The tournament consist of six rounds. Match 1-4 Saturday May the 18:th and match 5-6 Sunday May the 19:th.

    All individual games in will be scored as follow:
    • Win = 5 individual points
    • Draw = 2 individual points
    • Lose = 0 individual points.

    The Squad that gets the most individual points from a match up will get a squad win for that match up. If both squads get the same total of individual points they both gets a squad draw.
    The squad matchup will be scored as follow:
    • Squad win = 2 squad points
    • Squad draw = 1 squad point
    • Squad loss = 0 squad points

    The Squads are ranked as follow:
    1. sum of squad points,
    2. then sum of opponent’s squad points,
    3. then sum of individual points,
    4. then net TD score,
    5. then net CAS score *
    6. then by the earlier complete squad registration (ie. sent in all the information correct and payed, if a squad sends in correct information and later want to make changes the date and time for those changes are the date and time that count for this tie breaker).

    * Please note that only casualties that would yield star player point counts for tiebreaker.
  • Determining matchups at Sweden Team Championship 2019
    Squad matchups are decided with a Swiss system
    The first matchup between squads will be primarily determined based on random draw. The first round the origin of the team will also be considered so that two squads representing the same town will not play each other if it is possible to avoid.
    For the rest of the tournament the squads will be paired using a Swiss system (i.e. a squad will face another squad with a similar sum of squad points that they have not played yet).

    Individual matchups are decided by the squad with highest total level
    The coaches will choose which coach will play which opposing coach.
    If one of the two squads have a higher total level, that squad will have five minutes to determine all matchups.
    If the squads have the same total level, a random draw will determine the squad that will choose the first matchup. The other squad will then determine all other matchups.

    Squads total level
    To calculate a squad’s total level, please combine the level of the three teams in the squad from the table below. The squads total level is used to determine what squad gets to select the matchups.
    • Level 1 - Lizardmen, Necromantic, Wood Elf
    • Level 2 - Dark elf, Dwarf, Undead
    • Level 3 - Amazon, Human, Norse, (Pro) Elf
    • Level 4 – Brettonians, Orc, Skaven
    • Level 5 - Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Nurgle
    • Level 6 - Chaos Pact, High Elf, Slann, Underworld
    • Level 7 - Khemri, Vampire, Khorne
    • Level 8 - Goblin, Halfling, Ogre

    Drop out
    If a squad lacks a team member because of a late dropout and neither the squad nor the organizers can find a replacement member, the squad will play with only 2 individual members. The third game will then count as an automatic 0-2 loss. If this applies to both squads, the game is considered a 0-0 draw. The same system is repeated if more than one coach is missing.
    If there is an odd number of squads showing up for the tournament, a dummy squad will be added. The dummy squad will lose all matches with individual games counted as 1-0 TDs and 1-0 CAS.

    To ensure a tournament in good sport and the best fun for everybody there are a series of rules on how to conduct yourself as a coach.
    • You may not interfere with other coaches' games, except to point out obvious rules mistakes. When in doubt, ask the tournament organizer.
    • You must allow your opponent to use your dice if he so wishes. If you want to use some sort of custom block/d6/d8-dice instead to the "standard" dice from the blood bowl game, you must ask your opponent permission.
    • Before kickoff: You must present your team before the game begins, i.e. which miniature that are representing which position on your roster, which skills you have on your roster. You are also to ensure that your opponent and you agree on how to handle crooked dice, what constitutes a crooked die and how you handle takebacks.
    • The following 2 rules can be agreed upon by both coaches in their mutual game. A rule you have agreed upon is fixed afterwards - unless both coaches agree to cancel it again.
    1) Illegal procedures can only be called if both coaches agree to enforce the rule.
    2) If the game comes under the time rules you can mutually agree that a player who runs out of time isn´t forced to abandon all voluntary actions. In that case both players share the same time pool and the game be called by the tournament organizer when the time runs out, and the current score at that time will be the official record.

    Setting up 12 miniatures
    Both coaches are responsible to check that the limit of 11 players isn’t exceeded during any setup. If the limit anyhow would be exceeded and this is discovered after kickoff, a random player from the “lineman position” (i.e. a player with 0-12 or 0-16) will be removed and placed in the reserves from the offending team. If a player would result in an illegal setup – leaving a player with just 2 players on the line of scrimmage for example – that player isn’t available for removing. If no player from the “lineman position” can be removed, remove another random player taken from all the players on the offending team.

    With about 30-40 minutes left of the round the Organizers will be checking up on all games. If a game has not reached a suitable point you will be handed a clock (chess clock) with an equal amount of time for you and your opponent (half of the time left in the round for each). The time you are given is the time you have for the rest of your turns combined. If you are handed a clock you will have to use it. If you run out of time you may not make any more voluntary actions i.e. you may not say attempt interceptions or take any actions, but you may say roll armor rolls if your opponent knocks himself over. Note that this can potentially allow your opponent to have several turns in a row.

    Being late
    If you are more than 30 minutes late your opponent is entitled to force you to concede. Winning a game this way gives a 1-0 win (TD wise) and 0-0 on the casualty tiebreaker. If you are more than 15 minutes late and the time rule is enforced, you will only get 1/3 of the remaining time and your opponent will get 2/3 of the remaining time.

    Paint and miniatures
    Painted miniatures are mandatory. Those squads who has teams, that by the tournament staff are deemed not painted (ie ALL miniatures are not painted and flocked to a sufficient standard.) will get –1 squad point per unpainted team, the point will be removed after match 6.
    The miniatures don’t have to be original GW-minis. However, the miniatures must be representative for the roster's race and the players position must be easily recognizable from other positionals.
    If your opponent can't easily recognize the different player types on your team, the opponent can mark/label them (without damaging the miniatures, of course) to make the game more perspicuous. This marking could be done with bottle caps or colored rings etc. If you know that your opponent’s usually have difficulties to recognize your different positionals you are encouraged to label your miniatures ahead of the tournament.

    We encourage you to use the following color coded bases:
    Grey/Black/None: Lineman
    Red: Blitzer
    Green: Blocker
    White: Thrower
    Yellow: Catcher/Runner


    Squad prices
    Sweden Team Champions
    Runner up

    Individual awards
    Top scorer (the coach with most TD)
    Hurter (the coach with most CAS)
    Best Stunty (best placed tier 4 team)
    The New Kid On The Block (best coach participating first time at a NAF-tournament)

    Participating Squads

    The Squads that have register to participate in the tournament so far:
  • Woho! Jag kommer med en liten grupp med nyblivna turneringspelare från Hufvudstaden i form av: jag, grumplekins och mikethemachine
  • Nice! Speciellt kul är det att "matchupval baserat på totallevel"-systemet dyker upp igen. Jag skall faktiskt försöka komma loss på det här.
  • Mooselord said:

    Nice! Speciellt kul är det att "matchupval baserat på totallevel"-systemet dyker upp igen. Jag skall faktiskt försöka komma loss på det här.

    Den idén var för bra att inte låna till även denna turnering, även om vi modifierade den lite.

  • Den turneringen ser oerhört lockande ut. Snyggt att ni dessutom lagt den på Sveriges nationalhelgons dag.
  • en liten grej som inte spelar så stor roll, ibland i texten refereras det till Sweden Blood Bowl Championship och inte Sweden Team Championship :)

    jag dyker upp tillsammans med @spoiledsquid och @Drexxl
  • brocCooLi said:

    en liten grej som inte spelar så stor roll, ibland i texten refereras det till Sweden Blood Bowl Championship och inte Sweden Team Championship

    Oj då. Får rensa ut de felen vid tillfälle.

  • Är det ok att anmäla ett lag, och sedan byta medlemmar? Har ett par "kanske" på tråden.

    Förresten: jag tycker era regler som behandlar för många spelare på plan är jättebra.
  • Pellevin said:

    Är det ok att anmäla ett lag, och sedan byta medlemmar? Har ett par "kanske" på tråden.

    En komplett anmälning är när vi har fått in all info om laget, korrekta rosters och fått in en betalning.

    Det som påverkas är tiebreaker 6.

    Skulle det vara så att man byter ut en eller flera av sina lagmedlemmarna eller byter rosters eller skills så ställer man sig sist i kö för tiebreaker 6.
  • För mig är ”NAF approved” starplayers inte helt självklart. Är DZ1 och 2 och Spike OK?
  • För mig är ”NAF approved” starplayers inte helt självklart. Är DZ1 och 2 och Spike OK?

    Här har du en länk till det som är godkänt av NAF.


    Utöver det står det i vårt regelpaket som vi har lånat från World Cup 2019 vad man får ha med.

    Men svaret på din fråga är: ja. Även starplayers från Spike Journal issue 1-3 (dvs Chaos, Dark Elf, Nurgle)
  • Najs, det var det jag trodde! Tack!
  • Skrev detta förtydligande:

    The tournament follow the rules for blood bowl 2016. For what rules that are included in blood bowl 2016 we follow the latest NAF-rules comitte ruling, that can be found here: https://www.thenaf.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Rules-for-NAF-Tournaments-2019.pdf.

    Är det korrekt och tydligt nog?
  • Hur är det med Spike 4? Ursäkta tjatiga frågor...
  • Stars från Spike! 4 är inte NAF-approved för 2019.
  • havaji said:

    Stars från Spike! 4 är inte NAF-approved för 2019.

    Nja, de är inte inkluderat i det minimumkrav som NAF ställer för att bli ”NAF approved”. Det betyder dock inte att TOn kan inkludera reglerna ifrån Spike! 4.
  • Men om man har med dem riskerar man att inte få NAFsanktionering.
  • Hur är det med Spike 4? Ursäkta tjatiga frågor...

    Vi kör med det som det står i länken, dvs inte spike 4, men 1-3
  • @Lard och @Kaju, det finns ett antal Star Players som NAF tillåter, men som inte är med på WC4as roster. Dessutom finns förändringar på någon enstaka sådan spelare, som inte heller det implementerats. Hur förhåller ni er till det? Gäller NAF eller Dornbirn? Eller har Dornbirnmänniskorna fixat problemet, och jag bara missat det?
  • Vilka starplayers är det specifikt? Meddela det till Dornbirn personerna så uppdaterar de nog sitt roster asap. Alla stars ur spike 1-3 och BB16 ska vara, se länk vad som gäller:

  • Dornbirnpersonerna har inte med några av förändringarna efter nyår. Det skulle förvåna mig om ingen informerat dem om det.
  • Pellevin said:

    Det skulle förvåna mig om ingen informerat dem om det.

    Så kanske alla tänker och vips så påpekar ingen ändringarna för dem. Om du mailar mig kan jag maila dem, eller så mailar du felaktigheterna direkt till dem. De har bett om att få in feedback.

    Hur som helst till turneringen får du spela med det som gäller i länken ovan, även om rostret just nu inte tillåter det.

  • Felaktigheterna är att de inte uppdaterat med förändringarna som gäller fr o m nyår.
  • Nu har de uppdaterat allt, inklusive excelfilen. Om ni har den gamla versionen rekommenderar jag att ni byter mot den nya.
  • Finns det nån som behöver en spelare för att bilda ett tremannalag så finns det en spelare som inte har ett lag just nu. Skicka ett mess till mig om det är aktuellt.
  • Tjo! Nu är det ungefär en månad kvar att anmäla sig.
  • Är det inga squads som har anmält sig?
  • Vi fick tyvärr inte ihop lag som det var tänkt, så blir nog inget från tLoEG och Mafoc. :(
  • Nej det är inget lag som har anmält sig än.
  • Tjo! Håller på att fixar giftpack till alla deltagare i turneringen. Är det några som är intresserade så att vi har ett hum hur mycket grejer vi ska ha?
    Jag vet åtminstone tre lag som är intresserade.
    Ni kan väl skriva här om ni har styrt ihop et lag och tänker komma så vi kan gissa hur många vi blir totalt.
  • Skuld-Iftp-skoberget representerar bärsande bashers
  • Pellevin-Duckwing-Lockmund är Småkronorna
  • MrMwenda, Ikterus och Havaji kommer med all säkerhet.
  • jag, @Drexxl och @spoiledsquid kommer försöka komma. under namnet "För små för att slåss - Jumpsuit Edition"
  • Självklart kommer vi! Men antagligen med namnet "Half-generic teamname with nerd reference"
  • Bim, Mumin & jag jobbar på att få ihop rosters så vi kan anmäla oss!
  • Närke, goa gubbar och BloodBowl? Klart att Drexxl kommer!
  • Kul att så många tänker komma! Hoppas vi blir fler.
    Om det finns singel coacher eller några som saknar en spelare så kan man snacka ihop sig på denna tråd.
  • jag är singel?
  • brocCooLi said:

    jag är singel?

    Jag med. Fett skönt. Ska sparka ut sista ungen snart och bygga ett BB-rum!

  • Moozer said:

    brocCooLi said:

    jag är singel?

    Jag med. Fett skönt. Ska sparka ut sista ungen snart och bygga ett BB-rum!

    helt rätt! själv kör jag hela lägenheten som BB-rum
  • Jag, Mikethemachine och Razta kommer anmäla ett lag också. Troligen heter vi nåt skittufft och skräckinjagande.
  • Jag, Mikethemachine och Razta kommer anmäla ett lag också. Troligen heter vi nåt skittufft och skräckinjagande.

    Superkul att ni kommer! Bra lagnamn!
  • Kul med fler lag!
  • Intresserade lag:

    * Skuld, Inforthepain, Skoberget är "Bärsande Bashers"
    * Pellevin, Duckwing, Lockmund är "Småkronorna"
    * MrMwenda, Ikterus och Havaji är ?
    * Broccooli, Drexxl och Spoiledsquid är "Half-generic teamname with nerd reference"
    * Bim, Mumin & Ozt är ?
    * Grumplekins, Mikethemachine och Razta är "Nåt skittufft och skräckinjagande"
    * Lard, Coma och Dragons är "The Cutlery Crew"
  • Hahaha ”The Cutlery Crew” bra hejjaramsa till laget! ;)